Most celebrities might move to the gated community of Calabasas for safety but it's not guaranteed. French Montana's Calabasas home was reportedly targeted during a home invasion earlier this morning. TMZ reports that at least two armed robbers broke into French Montana's Calabasas home. As of now, details are relatively scarce but the publication reports that police were called to French's home around 9 a.m. They said the crime was reported a few hours after it was allegedly committed. 

French Montana and a few other people were at home when the two armed robbers attempted to break in. There isn't anything that indicates whether anyone was injured during the incident but nobody needed to be hospitalized. It's also unclear whether the robbers actually took anything. Police are currently on the scene and investigating. Unfortunately, there are no leads to possible suspects just yet.

French's Calabasas home has a history of unfortunate events. French bought the house from Selena Gomez who had some major issues while she owned the place. A few days after she moved in, a stalker made his way to the place. She called the police three times out of fear of an intruder.

This is also the same home where a woman claimed she was raped last year at French's birthday party. Police ultimately found no evidence of rape at the party.