One would think that it's a widely-accepted fact that 50 Cent is the king of Internet beef. He has sparred with the best of them and always manages to dig up dirt on his opponents that is both scandalous and hilarious. In his latest petty drama with French Montana - which stems from Fifty poking fun at French's new Bugatti purchase - Fifty has pulled up receipts that French's label tampered with his streaming numbers. He also shared a video of Pistol Pete claiming that French is "a scared, paranoid guy" with flaky tendencies. 

Despite Fifty performing pretty well so far in this beef, French just dropped a bomb befitting of a beef master. Power - which is executive produced by Fif - returns tonight for the second half of its sixth season and French is trying sabotage the anticipated event. The "No Stylist" rapper impressively managed to get his hands on tonight's episode and leaked a clip from it on Instagram. While viewers will eagerly tune in to discover what happened to Ghost, French revealed that they shouldn't get their hopes up about receiving some answers. "All you power fans 59 don’t show u who killed ghost tomorrow," French wrote in the caption for grainy Power footage. "He still Tryana drag his last piece of power 😂 but here’s the highlight of tomorrow’s episode let me save you a hour of your life."