It's unfortunate that French Montana rarely gets any credit for the good work he puts in, whether it be in the rap game or for the time he puts in at the gym. Montana had to defend his honor a few months ago after folks thought he did not have enough hits to face Kendrick Lamar in a Verzuz battle and now they think he spray-painted on his abs. Poor guy.

At least Diddy came to his defense and praised his fellow New Yorker and Bad Boy signee, for looking after himself and embarking on his health-conscious journey, after gracing the latest cover of XXL Magazine. The Moroccan rapper visited the ICU this year after neglecting his body and admittedly overusing drugs and alcohol. 

Shortly after posting the cover, Montana shared some behind-the-scenes footage of his shoot, leaving very little to the imagination. Addressing his haters, Montana affirmed, "They said I spray painted my six-pack I got catfished too many times to catfish my people lol I just got to it! Nothing beats hard work and always remember there’s some people out there that don’t want you to be great." 

 And to that, I say, "HAAAAAAN, that ain't Kanye. That's Montana, a loose cannon. He shot me so I had to do it" for no reason at all.