Last week, French Montana was rushed to a near by hospital in San Fernando Valley after he was experiencing intense stomach pain and nausea, along with an elevated heart rate. Well unfortunately it turns out French is still in the ICU and doctors are reportedly having some troubles finding out what's wrong.

Early Monday morning, French took to his Twitter account to give an update, informing his followers that he’s been in ICU for 6 days as he shows a video of himself laid up in bed. As TMZ points out in the video, there’s a dry erase board in his room which reads “manage pain” on it.

It’s unknown at the moment what’s causing French to be laid up and how much longer he’ll be in the hospital for, but some people think he may have been exposed to contaminated food while recently touring out of the country in Middle East and Europe. However the length of his illness makes that theory not so much real anymore.

This update comes just a few days after reports surfaced indicating that French might’ve been drunk when cops arrived or when he called 911, but his camp has adamantly denied that. 

We’ll continue to keep you posted on French’s health moving forward.