French Montana doesn't swing in the dirt for direct contact. He has given us reason to believe that a collaboration with Quavo and Chance the Rapper is going to drop in a "matter of time."

In a video posted on his Instagram yesterday evening, French Montana documents a studio session that drugs well into the morning, 4:17am at Chalice Studios to be exact. The momentum of the session has culminated in French Montana typically smoking his newport menthol, with the studio engineer adjusting the levels with a doobie in his ear. The video incurs a couple of fast cuts, before focusing on Quavo and Chance The Rapper vibing and laughing. The video then flashes the words "INSERT PROMO ALBUM ARTWORK" and then cuts for good.

The captions next to the post mentions "less talk and more, 🌊" followed by the namesHarry Fraud, Quavo, and Chance The Rapper in that order of appearance. Producer Harry Fraud really rose to prominence through French and Max B's initial "Coke Wave." French, Quavo and Chance all performed a Virtual Reality set at the iHeartRadio Festival in 2017, but have never appeared together on record as a trio. Once again, French uses his power broking skills to his advantage. Peep the promo below.