Fruit Loops revealed a new design for their signature character Toucan Sam in an advertisement on May 5th and, in true Twitter/IG fashion, fans of the cereal did not hesitate from sharing their harsh opinions on the new mascot. 

The cereal company uploaded the ad to Youtube with the caption, "Toucan Sam is here with new adventures and a brand new look." Fruit Loops also shared the redesign for the beloved cereal’s mascot to their Instagram page on May 8th. See below for the newly imagined Toucan Sam.  

The original Toucan Sam became the official mascot for the cereal back in 1963 and that nostalgic history with the character is likely the driving force behind why the internet was not having it. 

The post has now amassed over 4,000 comments from fans going in on 2020 Sam. Among the comments:

“That’s not Sam. Maybe that’s sams half brother twice removed”

“I never want someone to lose their job... but your company needs a new marketing team”

“Wtf is this. Looks like a bad acid trip here”

Twitter also didn’t hold back from tearing Sam up, using the hashtag #NotMyToucanSam to share their brutal criticisms, with some users even offering their own iterations. 

What do you think of the new Toucan Sam, hit or miss?