OTF member Doodie Lo's drama with his ex FTN Bae only continues to get messier. In case you missed it, back in October, Bae – who's also known as Brittney Reed – came forward with serious allegations against the rapper, accusing him of molesting her 5-year-old son while they were alone at her home together.

In the months since legal representation for Doodie (real name David Saulassberry) has said that audio related to the case was edited, vehemently denying that his client had anything to do with young Wesley's reported assault. Two weeks ago, Reed shared on Instagram that she had earned her "first victory in court," and on the evening of Thursday, January 20th, she provided us with another update.

During a live video, FTN Bae shared that Saulassberry had reportedly passed a lie detector test clearing his name, also apologizing for "wrongfully accusing" the Illinois native of attacking her son.

"I’m gonna publicly apologize and say that [Doodie Lo] finally took a lie detector test. It took a while. It didn’t have to take so long," she told her followers tuning in. "I never was trying to ruin his career or trying to get clout. I just believed my son."

Following that, the "Bodies" rapper hopped onto his own page to address the situation, forgiving his ex for the allegations and adding that he "just wanted to always show [his] innocence."

"At the end of the day, I ain't gonna lie to y'all, I forgive her," Doodie said last night. "I forgive her, you feel me? I don't know, I got a forgiving heart... We went through a lot going through this situation... My blessings ain't stopped, so, I love y'all," he added.

Just hours after all of this, FTN Bae seemingly took back her apology, now alleging that her ex forced her to go public with it. "My hand was forced making that Live. I had no choice," Reed wrote over a black screen on Friday, January 21st. "My son was questioned with David [Doodie Lo] on the phone. And my son got scared and denied everything," she continued, also claiming that if she "didn’t issue [an] apology he would have released the audio and manipulated the story even more."

Reed broke down the severity of the situation, saying, "I’M GENUINELY TIRED. I was backed into a corner. As soon as I got off Live my son came in my room cause he peed his pants, crying saying he’s scared and confused."

The Maryland native dropped off more receipts, uploading a video of a young girl named Alex who reportedly saw the incident between Wesley and Doodie. "It’s too much details from both kids. When [Doodie Lo] ‘passed’ his test, me and Wesley [were] put on the spot. And my son LIED," she insisted."



"HE LIED BECAUSE THE MAN WHO HE’S SAYING TOUCHED HIM IS ON THE PHONE AFTER PASSING A TEST," her rant continued. Elsewhere, she confirmed that she's still fighting her ex in court. "That's my last and [final] word," Reed concluded. "A n*gga is not going to sit here and keep playing with my life and this shit like it’s a damn f*cking joke."

Check back in with HNHH later for any updates on FTN Bae and Doodie Lo.

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