While it could potentially mean nothing if something big doesn't come from this, 50 Cent and The Game's reunion at a club over the weekend had hip-hop heads excited for what may be to come. Some of our favorite rap moments come from G-Unit's beef with The Game and Game's involvement with the collective. 50 and Game being photographed together may be nothing to get passionate about since a G-Unit reunion hasn't been confirmed in the least bit but it does mean that whatever beef the two once had is likely squashed. And what that means is that the glory days of G-Unit as a group of five members could be happening again in the future.

Fiddy has had his differences with just about every member of G-Unit, as well as many of the artists they've worked with. He and Game have been the most successful of the bunch but a full-blown reunion would be amazing to see and would certainly be a storied moment among hip-hop fans. Much like the rest of us, Funk Flex chimed in on the photos from yesterday, stating he was "all for" a reunion between the two. Will we ever get another "Hate It or Love It?" Probably not but this is the closest thing to a maybe that we can imagine.