Dame Dash made his opinion of Youtube Music executive and hip-hop mogul Lyor Cohen very clear after Cohen made an appearance on the Breakfast Club in August. In an Instagram post, the Roc-A-Fella founder called Cohen a "Culture Vulture," saying "they make money off us and then try to erase our true history and act like the real ones never existed... not gonna happen bro...I benched you for the culture...enjoy your desk job at Youtube."

Now Funkmaster Flex is entering the beef and is actually taking Lyor's side in all of this. “It’s always easy to turn people against the rich JEWISH GUY that is still relevant and making money,” the Hot 97 Dj wrote in an Instagram post directed at Dame. Flex continued his rant by saying:

"I love u dearly my Brother... u helped me in 96 when my back was against the wall... But you are a LIAR... I was there FULLY back then and I was singed to DefJam for the tunnel album... YOU are a LIAR.. that man helped u... There are people with legitimate issues with Lyor! Dame ain’t one of them!"

Dame reportedly asked Funkmaster Flex to reach out to him so they can talk in person. Whose side are you on in this beef?