Funk Flex certainly has a bias towards Jay-Z so whenever the criticism bubbles up, you gotta take it with a grain of salt. Over the past few days, he's taken swipes at Jay's credibility and apparent insecurities, especially when it comes down to the Internet. Just the other day, despite his beef with Drakehe claimed that the Toronto rapper reigned supreme in comparison to the almighty Hov. 

Flex isn't backing down from his claims either, but the pushback he received from the co-hosts of Million Dollaz Worth Of Game around the 8-minute mark of their latest episode could potentially lead Wallo and Gillie Da King to the next Roc Nation brunch. Gillie didn't hold back when Flex sat down with him and Wallo on the podcast where he unleashed fury on the Hot 97 DJ surrounding his recent take on Jay-Z vs. Drake

"So you sittin' here telling me that an R&B rapper is the greatest fuckin' rapper of all time?" Gillie asked as he grilled Flex who attempted to backtrack on the statement. "That's what the fuck you said.... Drake is great but the greatest of all time?!"

Flex argued that he's able to play back-to-back Drake records in the club because the Canadian rapper is so versatile whereas Jay-Z isn't. "You know you can play in a set of 3000 people, you can play 15-20 Drake songs back-to-back tomorrow. I can't play Jay-Z 20 back-to-back," Flex said with his arms up.

"N***a, Jay-Z been out 40 years!" Gillie asserted before Flex doubled down on his claim, suggesting that he can't get a crowd hyped in 2021 to Jay-Z records. "This is a typical old n***a that lives in the moment," Gillie added.

Though Flex has had his doubts about Drake in the past, he went on record to note that Drizzy is the equivalent to Michael Jackson for some kids. "And Hov isn't?!" Gillie fired back in disbelief.

"Hov ain't as creative as Drake," he said in response. 

Regardless of Flex's position on the matter, Gillie and Wallo are hopeful that this moment could lead them to the coveted Roc Nation brunch,