Funk Flex is calling all cars -- dropping all bombs tonight at 7pm for an unprecedented release. The artist in question is Nicki Minaj, for a song that missed the final mandate on Queen. Flex made the announcement on all available social media platforms. The NY vet is expecting turnout when he goes on air at 7pm for his regular Saturday night time slot. In his message, Flex promises to "stop the city" right in its tracks. 

The Nas-Nicki Minaj romance was short-lived but reports seem to indicate they split on good terms. Apparently it became difficult to consummate their relationship because Nas lives Los Angeles and Nicki spends the majority of her time in Miami, where Young Money headquarters are situated. Did you ever think you'd live to the see the day where two of hip hop's most archetypal New Yorkers would live someplace else? I certainly didn't.

The Queen B Side means Nas and Nicki Minaj shared their vocational interest with one another, in addition to other activities implied by their courtship. Maybe Flex will even get either Nicki or Nas to phone in, maybe not.. But if you liked Queen and yearn for more (out of canon) keep it locked for 7pm and onward. You know the place: HOT 97.