Calling Funkmaster Flex an instigator is somewhat of an understatement. Let's be clear on something, Funk Flex is actually quite supportive of his New York brethren and sistren, Cardi B is no exception. So, what exactly was he implying when he reposted the now-famous Cardi meme where her face is blurred out with a tagline that reads, "You just need to relax, Okurrrr?"

Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images

In my estimation, Funk Flex is simply inserting himself into the conversation concerning Cardi B's video rant - the one where she reminds everyone that she was a bad seed in the past. Flex's response involved him saying, "Fellas I don’t blame women in situations like this... be less thirsty to smash and you’ll be aight!" 

Flex's caption is a clear indication of two things: the double standard over gender performance in rap race, and secondly, he's actually brandishing praise upon Cardi B's gangsta mettle. However, Flex did leave a few stones unturned - by not touching on the other double standards the video brings up - concerning the scrupulous expectations fans place on their idols. Cardi B can't be everything at once. Love her at her best, her worst, and somewhere in the middle. What are your thoughts on the matter?