It wasn't enough for 50 Cent to share his thoughts on Nick Cannon's much-publicized interview with Dame Dash; now Fun Flex is dropping bombs out of reflex. Parts of Cannon's Class premiere episode started leaking to the public, in digestible portions, some containing sensitive material related to the ongoing R. Kelly scandal. 50 Cent barrage of insults paved the way for Hot 97 host Funkmaster Flex to re-ignite his longstanding beef with Dame Dash. 

With 50 Cent calling foul on Dame Dash's attempt at tarnishing Jay-Z's name, the floor became open to other dissenters like Funkmaster Flex. The Hot 97 rose to heed of his window, labeling both Dame Dash and Nick Cannon as "disgraces" from the era commonly known as the "No Sex in the Champagne" standstill. So without further ado, it was Funkmaster Flex who issued the final sword slash of the day, by jumping into 50 Cent's comment section with plans of his own.

"2 grown men giggling like b*tches concerned about Jayz penis and who he touching!," Flex wrote in summary of Nick Cannon seemingly backhanded questions to Dame Dash. And he didn't stop at that, his next plug coming at the expense of Dash's intern/wife, whom he claims stole away with her husband's estate, while the Roc-A-Fella CEO was dumb, deaf, and bedridden. Flex's commentary is obviously a reaction to Dash's consternation in the past. The feud is alive and well, thanks to 50!