The feud between Dame Dash and Funk Flex seemingly started overnight and already, there are so many levels to it all. Dame Dash has been a major talking point in the last few days because of the way he reacted to a question that Nick Cannon asked him about Jay-Z and Foxy Brown. With new reports coming out that Dame tried to actually steal Beyonce away from Jay-Z, the following content that Funk Flex shared takes on a whole new context.

If Aaliyah were still alive, she would have been 40-years-old today. Many have wished the late singer a happy birthday on social media, with Funk Flex included. However, the radio host chose this moment to also take a subtle shot at Dame Dash. It has been suggested over the past few days that Jay-Z tried to get with Aaliyah while she was in a committed relationship with Dame Dash and Funk Flex just wanted to bring that back up, sharing a photo of Aaliyah with Hov all cuddly. "Hahahah! Pic taken before @duskopoppington / Snake," wrote Flex before pointing out how petty he is.

The fact that he's using Aaliyah's birthday as a means to send subliminals isn't sitting well with many people in the comments. What do you think of this situation?