Future and Dess Dior have been a confirmed couple for some time now, and it seems that their relationship is definitely for keeps after she got Future to do a dance challenge with her.

Early Friday morning, Dess took to her Tik Tok account to post a video of her and Future hitting the trending #JuneBugChallenge, which is a dance video where users show them doing awkward arm movements in a variety of different locations set to the song “BeatBox” by SPOTEMGOTTEM. 

Fans were immediately shocked that Dess got Future to do the dance challenge, commenting things like, “she got this man dancing (laughing emoji),” and “SHE GOT FUTURE TO DO THIS?!” Other commenters noted that the video must mean Future is really in love, adding, “She got future doing tiktoks lmao that man in love fr,” and “I love this baby Future in love love for real.”

Future and Dess were on vacation when they filmed this challenge, humorously doing the dance in front of a pool and on the beach. It’s unclear quite where they jetted off to, but Dess posted an idyllic photo of her next to the pool on Thursday, captioned, “Woke up in another country.”

Before leaving on their trip, Dess also posted another photo of her in front of the couple’s private jet, captioning it, “Never travel in bunches.. it’s just me & you.” That’s a baecation.