It can be difficult to actually make a profit as an artist these days. Even if you're ultra successful like Future and Juice WRLD, you may start to look for different avenues to cash a hefty check. Touring is usually the main source of income for most musicians but merch is also another source of income for many of the industry's leaders. Just look at Travis Scott and Kanye West. Those two have mastered the game when it comes to artist merchandise. Future and Juice WRLD decided to get their feet wet, releasing new clothes to coincide with their joint album.

Alongside a physical copy of the album and a cassette version, Juice and Fewtch had their teams combine forces for some fresh merch opportunities for the diehard fans. The designs are very much visual representations of a few of the songs on the project as pills grace the front of hoodies, t-shirts, and caps. If you're not into publically promoting your drug use, you can go a little more subtle by copping a long sleeve with a cup of codeine being poured over the world because, you know, the world is on drugs. Finally, would this be a true druggie merch experience without some tie-dye? The two artists decided to go into full hallucinogen mode for two variations of the same WRLD On Drugs design.

If you're not feeling any of the clothing items, you can always light up a blunt with your brand new Future & Juice WRLD branded lighter. Check out the collection here and let us know your favorite piece.