EDIT: Britt Mealy offered a gift, but did not attend.

When Joie Chavis' pregnancy was announced, people were unsure whether Future had fathered the child. After the former lovers quit speaking to each other for months as a result of a tumultuous separation, they were reunited for a special occasion. Future came through to Chavis' baby shower in Los Angeles yesterday, essentially confirming his part in the creation of new life. From the looks of the photos circulating online, the festivities were not dampened by their tenuous relationship. They both seemed happy during the event.


Future and Joie Chavis were inseparable (yet casual?) last year. They eventually split up due to the drama that arose from Future's infamous infidelity. Their reunion for the unborn child's party seems like the first step towards successful co-parenting. The incoming baby will be the newest addition to a very large, mixed family.

The kid will actually share famous siblings. Chavis has a daughter with Bow Wow and Future has a son with Ciara. While Cici has married another man with whom she is expanding her family, Bow Wow has decided to remain single after 2 failed engagements. Future has reunited with another one of his baby mamas, Brittni Mealy the "love of his life," who actually copped a baby shower gift for Joie.