Amidst the most terrifying global scenarios, you can rest assured that memes will continue to be produced to poke fun at the chaos. Remember at the outset of 2020 when we seemed to be on the brink of World War III and the memes started pouring in? Whenever the apocalypse comes, it shall be meme'd. That being said, it comes as no surprise that the widespread scare of the Coronavirus is being spun into funny content.

For some reason, Future has become the face of not one, but TWO Coronavirus-related memes. This may be because his character is just conducive to meme-generating. Photos of him on his phone became the template for the most popular meme of this past holiday season. The Atlanta rapper was imagined to be sending toxic texts to his ex. Now, just like the self-absorbed ex who continues to contact you at the worst possible moments, that Future meme has returned. The Corona-related text that Future is sending this time reads: "Had to check on you. They say that lil coronavirus in the city now. Crazy how many people getting sick. Reminds me how sick I was when I lost you. Damn your love was contagious. I’m here forever if you need me."

As I said, there is ANOTHER great Future meme to suit the biggest trending topic. This one plays on the beloved "this mf spittin" format. Instead of praising his bars, a crowd of masked people are horrified that Future would rap "Mask Off", as he did in his 2017 hit. Of course, this meme was enjoyed and shared by Snoop Dogg

Doja Cat would likely ditch the mask too, since she went on a rant about how people are overreacting to the virus