Diamonds were a major theme of Drake and Future's recent joint album, What a Time to Be Alive. Diamonds adorned the Shutterstock cover art and were the subject of the tape's second biggest hit (currently at No. 53). Well, in that case, diamonds may have been a metaphor for dancers at the Diamonds of ATL strip club, but regardless, the two rappers clearly bonded over the sparkling stones, and as a tribute to the album's success, Future has given Drake a FBGOVO ring full of blinging rocks. 

Drake wasn't lying when he said he said, "We need some really big rings." Drake shared a video showing Future's gift on Instagram last night while he softly sung "Diamonds on me dancin'." 

He later shared another Instagram, showing that he'd put the ring on his pinky. "I would pinky swear but my pinky ring too big." 

Future has since shared a picture of two rings on his Instagram, so it looks like he bought himself one too. Of course, you know which one belongs to whom.