All of the needless back-and-forth in and out of court ended up being worth it for Eliza "Reign" Seraphin. After over a year of battling Future for paternity and child support, it was reported that a DNA test confirmed that he actually is the father of her 1-year-old daughter. 

Eliza Reign gave birth to Reign Wilburn last year and, since before her birth, the little one's mother has been fighting to establish Future's paternity. The rapper has seemingly been unwilling to cooperate, accusing Eliza of this, that, and the third during their legal battle. However, at the end of the day, she had a point in taking him to court as he has now been confirmed to be Reign's father.

The report was made via The Shade Room, who says that there is a 99.99999% match on the DNA test.

The timing of this is remarkable as Future just sent out a bunch of personalized Mother's Day messages to his baby mamas, intentionally leaving out Eliza Reign. Do you think he will finally acknowledge that he's the father of her daughter or will this charade continue for years?

Take a look at a photo of Reign Wilburn below, the latest of Future's confirmed children.