Future's relationship quotas trickle through haphazardly, when you least expect it. Overnight, Future fired off an Instagram PSA where he addressed his standards for "the opposite sex." By the looks of it, Future is actually searching for his "1," he said so himself in the post currently pinned to his Instagram storyboard. However, he didn't state for how long and to whom it may concern - this search for the "1." For all intents and purposes, his PSA might actually be a casting call, for romantic purposes - and I wouldn't be surprised in the least if his inbox is stacked right about now, no less than usual. It's all part of the game, it it not? 

In Future's PSA, he clearly states that "it's over for you thots," words meant to convey a serious turn in his romantic life. Future's loveless escapades were/are part of the drug-induced psychosis he displays in character, but at times, seep into his day-to-day life, as we have come to know via social media. I couldn't tell you the where-what-and-how about Future's post-Ciara dalliances, even if I cared to understand. All the matters in regards to Future's PSA is that he's setting the tone, instead of catching a groove in someone else's "ten step place." You've got to respect a man after his own heart. Check out his latest single "Do It Like" featuring Young Thug, while we're on the subject.