Only on a plane this diverse, could three artists like Future, Noname, and D'Angelo find a common denominator. If you spent the week away from your device, good on you. Conversely, rap fans who kept pace in the first week of 2019, were quick to identify Future, Noname, and D'Angelo, as early contenders going into week two. Why not make a game of it.

D'Angelo's story is probably the most unique of the three. His inclusion on the "FIRE EMOJI" playlist runs the clock to half-decade since he last jumps started his career in 2014. The impressive "Unshaken" isn't a prelude to a broader musical project, so consider enjoying the moment while it lasts. "Unshaken" is a song commissioned by the game developers that worked on Red Dead Redemption 2.

"I sell pain for profit" Noname spits on her new single "Song 31," under the guise of a crooked official. Her inclusion on our playlist is perhaps the most deserving of the three standout submissions, on pure merit alone. On "Song 31," Noname demonstrates suffuses a poetic sensibility, with a generous serving of her tongue-in-cheek humor. Having seen her perform half-the-song during a recent concert, I can attest to its well-roundedness.

Last but not least, Future deployed his deft touch on yet another eery meditation on "rec room" drug use. "Crushed Up" dropped without prejudice to anyone need for a recession. When the clock struck twelve, Future Hendrix pulled the trigger, and within a day of its release issued a memo to press indicating his plan of attack: an untitled project set to arrive on January 18. Way to set things off the "bipartisan way!"

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