Brittni Mealy, Future's former lover and baby mama, revealed that they split yesterday on Instagram. She essentially stated that she was done with Future and won't make the mistake of dating him again, claiming that she "always loved unconditionally & been the sweetest girl I could be even when I knew he didn't deserve it." Clearly, Future caught wind of this and issued his own response.

Future got super petty last night after Brittni Mealy decided to air out their differences on Instagram. The rapper, with a large smile on his face, sarcastically wished her the best while simultaneously throwing shade.

"I'm so proud of you. You found happiness. Okay," he said. "One monkey don't stop a show. Never have."

In Mealy's response, she claimed that the only reason they were back together is because Future "begged" for it and that it was ultimately something he wanted to.

"Anytime anyone seen us to together it's because it's what he wanted and begged for," she said. "Good luck to anyone who thinks he is going to change. Let me live in peace and be happy with a man who deserves and appreciates me!"

Complications in their relationship seem to have started earlier this month when Future attended Joie Chavis' baby shower which many took as a confirmation that she's pregnant with the rapper's child. Although Mealy offered a gift, it seems like she's ultimately done dealing with Future altogether.