Anyone who follows Future on Twitter knows that the man loves to remain cryptic, constantly tweeting vague phrases, any of which could probably be read as either a subtweet or a mixtape title under a magnifying glass. In a recent interview with Mass Appeal, Fewtch continued in that tradition of puzzling but highly hashtag-able phrases when asked about one of his projects, and it has the Future Hive in a frenzy.

After breaking down each and every one of his many mixtapes, Future closed with some comments on his collaborative effort with Drake, What A Time To Be Alive.

"It never happened, you know what I mean," he said, before almost cracking a smile. "It never happened."

The ominous music at the video's conclusion definitely spins the comment as shade, but it seems like Fewtch may in fact be making a weird joke we just don't entirely understand (yet). Regardless, the phrase has already taken on a new Twitter life courtesy of the almighty Future Hive (#ItNeverHappened). If this is marketing for an upcoming project, he's doing it right.

Watch below and see for yourself. The question comes at 2:51.