With Drake and Future both plotting and scheming to drop in 2018, it would be the perfect time to come through with a surprise drop. Today, Future has taken to Snapchat to preview an unreleased collaboration with Drake. The snippets aren't exactly the most generous, but it doesn't take much to get Drake fans salivating and frothing at the mouth. Check out the sample via the video below.

Drake seems to be taking a page out of Future's book, reflecting on his collection. "I got twenty damn Kendalls," he raps. "Young slim baddies and they’re in Vogue / I got 20 fuckin’ Gigis." Lyrically, we're not looking at "Do Not Disturb" here. In fact, referencing the Kardashian Jenner clan is seldom a good look; still, rappers continue to do so on an almost weekly basis. It doesn't help that it sounds like he's saying he has twenty Ken dolls. One wonders if this track stems from the What A Time To Be Alive era; it seems to match the sound and general attitude of the divisive project. 

Plus, Future has no problems referring to Travis Scott's lady friend and baby mama as his side piece. That's, as they say, fightin' words. It's also further evidence this unreleased track is somewhat of relic. It's actually astounding how many rappers continue to place these women on a pedestal. And you wonder why they continue to pervade hip-hop news. Doubtless, fans of Future and Drake will be looking for this to surface, and perhaps it will. It's uncertain where it might end up, but at least we can confirm its existence.