Last year, Future made a solid impression with The WIZRD, one of the strongest albums we've seen from him in a minute. Yet since its release, it would appear that the Atlanta rapper has managed to find love, filling his dark soul with light and a new lease on life to boot. As such, Future has opted to let art imitate life, revealing to XXL that his upcoming eighth studio album would be titled Life Is Good.  

Future Life Is Good

Roy Rochlin/2018 Getty Images

With XXL's Spring 2020 Future-centric issue hitting stores today, not that anybody is able to go buy a physical copy right now, it stands to reason that we're looking at an imminent release -- barring any coronavirus-related delays, of course. And while the bulk of the details lie within the magazine itself, the write-up does signify that Future has been feeling a notable sense of inner peace, which might signal a thematic direction for the upcoming project.

Given that many have come to appreciate the tragic figure that is Sad Future, it's unclear as to how the game might willingly receive a Happy variant. Especially after both The WIZRD and Save Me seemed to point to a man deep in the throes of personal darkness. Still, the Drake-assisted "Life Is Good" has already set an interesting tone, proof that Future can celebrate his accomplishments without sacrificing his signature sonic qualities. Are you excited to see a new album from Future?