As Future prepares his next musical project, he's been embroiled in a severe case of baby mama drama for the last little while. The situation was so complicated that Wendy Williams even made a chart to clear up who he's fathered children with. After some back-and-forth between the TV host and Future, the artist decided to put a focus on his art again, saying that he can't argue with her because her feet are bigger than his. Seriously... that was grounds for the dismissal of the beef. Pluto has been fairly silent since then but he spoke on his lavish lifestyle in a recent social media post, saying that he sacrificed true love in order to get where he's at.

For Britni, Joie, and all the others, Future enjoyed his time with you but he's got to be on his YOLO shit all the time. "Sacrifice true love to live a lifestyle I could never imagine... u only live once," wrote the rapper. With all the relationship drama that has been made public in his life, it's unclear who he had "true love" with. It could be any of the six alleged women he's fathered babies with or somebody else altogether. 

At least Fewtch is happy living his life because he's got a whole lot of critics bashing him as of late. Be sure to read the "complete guide" to Future's baby mamas here.