Yesterday Future jumped on Twitter to air out a pervading sentimental side we're only beginning to gauge. The brevity of each Tweet left a lot of room for interpretation, chance being several of us who covered the "angle" may have been misled. But truth be told, if those Tweets were intended as a response to a thread on Zoey Dollaz' Twitter page, as he so contends, would they not carry some trail of correspondence? We'll have to take him at his word.

The onslaught of Tweets began as Future marked the 4-year anniversary of his breakup/bachelor status, with a series of posts outlining his daily inquisition to remain single and unencumbered. Future expressed that "Love is in the air," something I interpreted as him to coming to grips with the ephemerality of love & desire. An inarguable position would require him to remove innuendo from those remarks.

On the other side of the fence Zoey Dollaz was busy answering queries from his fans, some as mundane as "what's yall favorite snack?" If Future were in fact entering the AMA grace period, would he not have done so on Zoey Dollaz' page? Something tells me Future was intentionally sarcastic about his romantic push, or deep in regret the day after a tragic overshare.