As the unrest at America's capital dissipates, Future is hoping that news about his ongoing legal battle with Eliza Reign will also fade to black. The pair of co-parents have been at odds since before their daughter was born, and after Eliza asked for $53K per month in child support, the public accused her of being a gold-digger. Future responded by offering $1K per month, an offer that Eliza rejected, and now she has petitioned for his bank records to be examined to determine his worth. 

Earlier today, Eliza had a message for critics who tell her that she's asking for too much money. "Truth is black people are conditioned so deeply to hate ourselves, especially black women that we don't even realize it," she wrote on Instagram. "Y'all tell me 'take the 1000 and move on' 'it don't even take 1000 to raise a baby' but when these white women hit the blogs asking for 9 million, here y'all go 'AS SHE SHOULD.'"

On Twitter, Future didn't directly mention his case but he did tell his followers to move on. "Everyone had a option and a plan then have every excuse in the world when they fail. Love yourself more 2021," said the rapper. "Leave me out the convo 2021 and see how far u can get. Love yourself. Same Sh*t y’all already knew last year. Same topic #BORING." Check out the posts below.

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