Instagram is arguably one of today's the most frequented social media platforms. Instagram has built careers, businesses, and even families. Future, who boasts 12. 7 million followers on the application, decided to use his influence to speak candidly about his ideal woman, letting any potential love interests know that there are some standards he expects them to meet. 

While in his car, the WRLD On Drugs rapper filmed a few clips for his Instagram story detailing some of the defining physical features of the attractive women he has come across, and those he anticipates meeting in the future. “For the beautiful women, here are the top five nail choices,” he said. "The first choice is white, you gotta have white. The second choice is nude. The third choice is red."  At this point, Future added additional criteria adding that the texture of the nails makes quite the difference, mentioning that the last few colors, red, neon green, and neon yellow look best in gel form which makes them look "wet." Future finished up his list with a classic choice, listing black. 

All throughout the video, the rapper can be seen flashing mischievous grins and laughing, indicating that the videos were made to both inform and entertain.