Future's security wasn't taking any risks when a woman seemingly attempted to get close to the rapper during a recent club night out, slamming the fan down to the ground in a vicious manner as the multi-platinum recording artist watched on.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

A video is currently being shared on social media by rap blogs, including No Jumper, showing the altercation allegedly going down. In the clip, a woman appears to antagonize Future's security guard by getting in his face before she gets slammed down by her throat. She immediately gets back up and tries again to approach the security guard, mouthing off at him. Once again, the paid security grabs her by the throat and pins her to the ground in the crowded nightclub. The camera then pans over to show Future, who seemingly watched on as it all went down.

Future has not commented on the altercation, which reportedly happened during the same weekend as the Grammy Awards

In similar news, Lil Baby and his entourage were recently accused by a woman of attacking her and stealing her camera during Super Bowl Weekend. Read more about that here.

Watch the video of Future witnessing the alleged altercation above. The rapper was also in the headlines because of a comparison that he seemingly co-signed recently, suggesting that he'd have given Michael Jackson a run for his money if he was around when MJ started popping.