Lil Uzi Vert has been having an incredible 2020. Fans were begging for his Eternal Atake project which he eventually delivered back in March, just a week before the Coronavirus became a pandemic. With this in mind, it feels like the project was dropped an eternity ago, but alas, it remains one of the most significant projects of the year. Having said this, it's clear that Uzi has a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. In fact, today is as good of a day as ever to celebrate since it is his 26th birthday.

Initially, Uzi's b-day was supposed to begin with the release of a joint album with the likes of Futurealthough as many of you already know, that project never came. Regardless, Future is now taking to Instagram with some kind words for Uzi, who is now a year older and consequently, a year wiser.

Future's comments were immediately flooded with fans demanding the release of their new project. However, fans should have been aware this was coming as Akademiks reported last night on how the project would not be released even if it is seemingly finished.

Either way, we hope Lil Uzi has an incredible birthday. He certainly deserves it.