A woman known as Eliza Reign has come out as Future's newest baby mama. The model and entrepreneur says she fears for her life due to threats made towards her. After having discussed undergoing a procedure to abort her pregnancy, Reign changed her mind. Her doctor's visit, which provided further information concerning the operation's health risks, led to a change of heart. According to her, Future "went ballistic" about her ultimate decision of keeping the baby.


The threatening behavior started with members of Future's stopping by her place of work and calling her repeatedly. Future and Eliza still continued to communicate, albeit negatively. She says that Future, who is generally a "cool guy," would likely "calm down" once some of the negative attention earned from his sexual relationships died down. At one point, Future blocked her on all communication platforms after she sent him pregnancy updates and sonogram images. Soon after, she received a phone call hinting at a potential hit: "Be careful. I heard Future want yo head."


The idea of Future wanting to end her in this way seemed farfetched, considering the fact that they have sustained an amicable relationship for years. 

"But a week later for the second time, someone contacted me and said they overheard an industry person (who I won't name) saying that Future got people looking for a Haitian girl that's supposedly pregnant by him."

Weeks later, word came that Future "put money on her head." She decided to come out and tell her story in case something happened to her. Her social media posts were eventually removed for violating Terms of Services. 

EDIT: Future seems to have hinted towards the situation since.