Future has been wrapped up in baby mama drama for years but, in the last twelve months, two additional women have come forward to claim he had fathered their children. Eliza Reign and Cindy Parker have been in and out of court as they attempt to prove that the world-famous rapper is the father of their toddlers. Reign seems to have more of a case built but Cindy Parker's hope has been slowly dying down. According to several sources, the Texas-based woman has now officially dropped her paternity suit against Future.

On Friday (March 13), Cindy Parker reportedly decided not to go forward with her lawsuit against Future. Court documents report that a non-suit was filed, which essentially means that Parker wants the case dropped completely. Her reason why is currently unclear.

Cindy Parker has been after child support for her son Legend for the last year, and her decision to no longer go through with the paternity suit means that she and Future possibly settled outside of court. In a DNA test filed as part of the case, Parker revealed that Legend is 99% likely to be half-siblings with another one of the rapper's alleged baby mama's kids.

What do you make of this? At least it's over...