Throughout her pregnancy, Eliza Reign made sure that everybody knew who she was. She clarified that she was carrying Future's child several months ago. In an emotional turn of events, Eliza said that the rapper actually threatened to have her killed in November and after she made that claim, Hendrix just stopped paying attention to her. He has not denied or confirmed the allegations that he fathered her child but Eliza seems pretty sure that he's the one. She recently snapped at a fan who assumed she didn't have anything set up with Future regarding child support or paternity and today, she hit back at another commenter who asked about the baby's last name situation.

"Some said he threatened to kill her and she was so shook. Now the baby has his last name," said the commenter. When Eliza Reign caught wind of it, she decided to work her retaliation magic again and told the fan to sit down. "Whatever last name I choose to give MY BABY is my BUSINESS... If I wanted her last name to be TOUCH YOUR NOSE, that would still be my business. Y'all trolls be worried about the wrong things," she wrote. 

Reign then went on to say that she doesn't need any of Future's money because she's out here getting the bag herself. Do you think Future will ever acknowledge the birth of his alleged new daughter?