The gun charges against Future's 17-year-old son, Jakobi Wilburn, have been dropped, but the teen will still be held in jail for two other criminal cases. Earlier this year, Jakobi, Future's eldest child, was found in possession of a gun with the serial numbers scratched off, and he was charged with the altered ID of a gun. He has been behind bars since early February without bail, and was facing up to 20 years in jail.

Future teenage son Jakobi Wilburn criminal gang activity, criminal trespass, altered ID gun charges dropped jail criminal casesSam Santos/Getty Images for GQ

However, after the District Attorney filed a request for Jakobi's charge of “criminal use of an article with an altered ID mark" be dropped, the Judge agreed. Despite this win for the teenager, he still faces prosecution for allegedly giving a false name and birthdate to a police officer, as well as for a separate case of "unlawful gang activity," according to court documents. Jakobi’s lawyers have filed two separate motions for his release, but the judge believes he “poses a significant risk” of committing a felony if he is let out. 

Jakobi's first arrest occurred in November 2019, after he allegedly spray-painted a home with the acronym "NORP." According to his arrest warrant, the letters stand for “Normal Ordinary Regular Playa,” which is associated with the “Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips." He was charged with felony criminal damage to property and trespassing, which were later updated to read "unlawful gang activity" due to his actions' alleged gang association.