If you were in attendance during the dreaded Fyre Festival from last year, you can consider yourself extremely unlucky. Remember being stranded on an island with seemingly no way to leave, eating nothing but nasty sandwiches after being gauded with chef-cooked meals and being subject to unlivable conditions, unlike the luxury resort that was advertised? Regardless of if you were there or not, Fyre Festival's memory is living on by way of a pop-up shop selling merchandise from the festival.

Organizers Billy McFarland and Ja Rule's luxury festival may have been one of the funniest memes of 2017 with people paying thousands of dollars to take part in what was compared to a hostage camp. While it is somewhat surprising that McFarland hasn't attempted to cash in on the unfortunate fail that was his festival through merchandise sales, there will reportedly be Fyre Fest merch available at a pop-up shop today in New York City. An e-mail was sent out from a group of entrepreneurs this morning inviting people to reminisce on the festival at their pop-up-shop, writing, "come celebrate and relive the epic event from 6-9pm just off Union Square on 873 Broadway (18th and Broadway), 6th floor." 

Merchandise from the festival began to appear on auction sites like eBay last year as festivalgoers sold their wristbands, hats, and t-shirts as memorabilia from the event. While not much is known about what will be offered at the store, it may be worth stopping by if you're in the New York area.

[via Page Six]