Everybody remembers the disaster that was Fyre Festival. What was meant to be a luxurious destination festival in the Bahamas ended up looking more like a hostage situation as the event grounds were absolutely hideous. It was basically a scam to get all of those famous Instagrammers to spend their money on what appeared to be a dream vacation but ended up being a nightmare. To make matters worse, people couldn't even leave the island, being stranded for hours with nothing to eat except the disgusting looking sandwiches that went viral. Finally, Billy McFarland, Fyre Festival's organizer, has been sentenced after pleading guilty to wire fraud.

The charges were based on funds he received from the festival's investors, raising over $1 million from the doomed event. Today, he faced a judge as he was sentenced to spend the next six years in prison, also agreeing to forfeit more than $26 million in connection with the fraud, according to TMZ. We're still waiting for the outcome of the $100 million lawsuit filed against McFarland and Ja Rule, who helped organize the festival, about how they allegedly warned celebrities not to attend, knowing full well that it would be a terrible experience.

It looks like the chapter has finally closed in the saga known as Fyre Festival.