G-Eazy and Halsey may really, really be over after their more recent breakup. The "No Limit" rapper was sitting courtside at the Lakers versus T'Wolves game Monday night and when the game was seemingly over, G-Eazy hit the court for some basketball practice with model Caroline Lowe. In the video below you can see G getting handsy with the model and it's fair to say there were some flirtatious vibes. 

TMZ reports that after their little shoot around they grabbed dinner together with a group of their friends and even shared the same private jet back to New York. There's no official word on anything serious between the two, especially since their basketball meet up was pretty harmless. As for Halsey, she seems to be doing fine post-break-up and just dropped off a video for her single "Without Me" that follows a turbulent relationship.

“Questioning your purpose and your effort in a relationship can be confusing and draining. But it’s important to self-reflect and know your worth and value,” Halsey said about the song. “This record is about understanding your worth. It’s a very honest record. And it helped me prove to myself that I can still manifest my feelings into art after all this time. My music will always be the vehicle that carries my heart.”