In case you missed it, G Herbo and Southside teamed up to drop Swervo, and hit The Breakfast Club to commemorate the occasion.

Charlamagne, never one to fall back from the hard questions, slides directly into Herbo's recent gun charge. Herbo admits it's "still pending," despite being unable to break the silence. When Charla tells him to hire security, Herbo sucks his teeth, his tone implying that sometimes it's simply not enough. "You need double security sometimes." He maintains that even the "good people" need to protect themselves, especially when navigating the streets of Chicago. It's hard to fault the young man for being a product of his environment; after all, his tribulations have helped make his music what it is today. 

When conversation shifts toward Swervo, which you can peep hereSouthside opens up about how it all coalesced. Dubbing Herbo his "little brother," Southside explains that "they always had that chemistry." Reiterating the brotherhood between them, Southside confirms that Herbo can skip the producer fee whenever he so choose. They continue to explain the project as a whole, with Herbo explaining that Swervo is a victory lap of sorts, where both parties can enjoy the hard-earned fruits of their labor.

Describing Swervo as a platform for his alter-ego, Herbo explains that his fans want to hear about his lavish expenditures, and thus, the man is happy to abide. Peep the entire interview below.