G Herbo risked missing his flight in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, after running into an issue with the TSA. An airport agent pulled him aside to cout his cash. The Chicago rapper was visibly upset by the situation in the clip he filmed during the incident. In the video that was subsequently uploaded to social media shows Herb arguing with the agent.

"He not counting it, he skimming through the money," Herbo said in the clip. "I travel with hundreds of thousands of dollars. I travel with so much money and this never happened. Why y'all pulling me over? This probably $10,000, this not even no money. I got over 200,000 flight miles. My flight leave at 2:20, y'all bout to have me miss my flight."

The entertainer kept up the dispute, pointing out the way in which his money was being counted. Apparently, the TSA was skimming through the stack while it was still bound by its band, an ineffective way of going about it according to G. "I travel with hundreds of thousands of dollars all the time and this never happened," the rapper added. "Nobody ever had to count my money before. Why are you counting my money?"

Herbo later commented on the situation via his IG stories. "I'm fighting cases. It prolly aint too smart for me to say fuck the police but fuck the police."