G Herbo might be considering a plea deal in his ongoing fraud case after he was charged for allegedly lying to the FBI and Secret Service about his relationship with one of his co-defendants. The rapper told the feds that he had not previously worked with alleged ringleader Antonio Strong, which was proven to be false during their investigation. The charge was added to his existing case.

As we previously reported, G Herbo was indicted on new charges this week for lying to the FBI. He claimed that he had no relationship with Strong, but it was revealed that he has been close to his co-defendant since 2016, lending him money on multiple occasions. He also received private jet charters, exotic car rentals, and more from Strong. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

According to legal documents obtained by All Hip Hop, G Herbo may already be discussing a possible plea deal. "The parties have engaged in preliminary plea negotiations, but it is premature to determine whether this case will be resolved with guilty plea(s)," said attorney Andrew E. Lelling in the paperwork. 

A decision is expected to have been made regarding a possible plea deal before August 2021. 

We will keep you updated as more information is released regarding G Herbo's charges.

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