G Herbo and Taina Williams have been professing their love for one another on social media since they started dating at the beginning of the year. Herbo got especially thankful for his girl on Thanksgiving, sharing a message praising her for keeping him sane. Sometimes, the couple even gets too affectionate on the Gram, provoking policing from Taina's stepfather, Fabolous

However, Herbo wasn't too happy with Taina last night after she dragged him to go see Frozen 2. On her Instagram story, she broadcasted her giddiness about seeing the sequel to the wildly-popular animated film. "Look how extra to watch Frozen, cause it's my favorite movie in the whole wide world... and Herb's gonna watch it with me," she said while showing off her Frozen-themed promotional cup. When the camera panned to the Chicago rapper, he did not look pleased about the whole situation. In fact, he even emphasized: "Herb irritated." Well, love is all about compromises, Herb. Who knows? Maybe he came out of the movie with a newfound admiration for the Disney franchise. 

G Herbo dropped a new song last week, titled "Hunnit Bands", off his forthcoming album, PTSD. He also appears on Pretty Savage's song, "Ku", which dropped yesterday.