G Herbo and Taina Williams make a cute couple. The pair spent Christmas all cuddled up, and they continue to wait for the arrival of their baby. However, it hasn't all be roses. Recently, G Herbo was indicted for using stolen IDs to charge more than $1 million for private jets, exotic car rentals, limo rides, a vacation at a villa in Jamaica, and two rare dogs. He's out now and doing his best to keep things positive heading into the new year.

Herbo is taking his boisterous personality in 2021 though. His soon to be wife Williams is at her most vulnerable moment. During pregnancy, a woman must be cared for, protected, and loved to the highest power at all times. Carrying a child is no joke, and Herbo is here to stand up for his woman. In a recent social media post, Herbo called out trolls and claims he's ready with the hands if they get crazy when it comes to Williams.

"Hey look ya'll," starts Herbo. "My woman pregnant, and ya'll tryna stress her out. I catch one of ya'll trolls... I'ma slap the shit out ya'll." Herbo doesn't care what gender you are either. He says he's got females on deck to come hand out slaps on his behalf to the opposite sex. Check out the message from Herbo below.