Different strokes for different folks. While some people will gravitate towards a certain sound, others will completely bash that vibe and listen to something else. That's what we love about music. Chicago rapper G Herbo knows that he's not going to be loved by absolutely everybody on the planet. He's got a huge fanbase, but there are also those that never want to hear the rapper spit again in their lives. 

This week, he had a virtual encounter with one of the people that just never got onto his brand of rap, savagely making a comment about all the senseless violence in hip-hop by saying, "Don't kill all the rappers, ion wanna have to listen to Gherbo." The Chicago artist tweeted about the message, issuing somewhat of a soft warning.

"WOWWWWWWWW JUST WOWWWWWWWW," he wrote, seemingly shocked that somebody would dislike him so much to say this. "WHOEVER MADE THIS POST B*TCH BE SAFE."

Obviously, this was all done in jest. G Herbo isn't about to pull up on someone just because they're not fans. At this stage in his career, he's got more supporters than haters.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

G Herbo is currently expecting his first child with his girlfriend Taina Williams. He has one kid from a previous relationship with Ari Fletcher.