Both hailing from Chicago, Juice WRLD and G Herbo shared a special connection. On many occasions, G Herbo likened the late rapper to Michael Jackson, comparing the two and usually earning criticism for doing so. He knew the young man though and he saw that star potential within him. In his tribute post to the fallen soldier, Herb continued the MJ talk and sent an extremely heartfelt message to Juice's family and friends. Joyner Lucas took a different route. The Massachusetts-bred emcee decided to point fingers for the "Lucid Dreams" artist's death, noting that hip-hop culture and the glorification of drugs took his life. Herbo isn't feeling Joyner's post though and he decided to speak out on it, issuing a few insults along the way.

Replying to the rapper in an Instagram comment, G Herbo explained why he thinks Juice WRLD's death is deeper than that. "He a fucking clown," he wrote, referring to Lucas. "N***as don't know what n***as going thru! N***as ain't tryna be cool shorty was on top of the fucking world you think he was tryna fit in??? If that Shit was easy shorty would've quit!! Shorty ain't see nun of this shit coming!!! He ain't see millions coming fame coming nun of that shit!!"

G Herbo goes on to say that Juice WRLD was clearly dealing with internal demons, needing to numb himself before getting on stage so he could focus on entertaining his audience. Read the full comment below. Rest in peace, Juice WRLD.