G Herbo Reveals He Quit Lean, Details Smoking A Zip A Day On "How To Roll"

Rose Lilah
September 21, 2017 10:45

G Herbo is the latest rapper to sit down with us and roll up.

"We got the whole Chicago smoking Backwoods," G Herbo proudly states at the outset of our newest episode for How to Roll. The rapper is gearing up to release his debut album, Humble Beast, which has been long-awaited and much anticipated by his cult-like fanbase. Ahead of the album's release, we had to get him in the office to show his fans how he rolls his 'Woods. There will be no excuses now to have a blunt in hand when it hits Midnight tonight, and you press play on Humble Beast.

G Herbo is joined by his friend, Smoke Da D.O., as he gets to his steps for rolling a Backwoods. As it turns out though, the rapper has actually been abstaining from smoking weed entirely, as of late: "I've been clean, I stopped smoking for like three weeks, I've been clean, I'm just showing yall how to do this shit 'cause this shit easy. I might flame the blunt up, pull this bitch like twice for yall or something you know, but I ain't been smoking though, I been completely clean, I ain't drunk no lean since September. I been stop drinking lean, I ain't fuck with that shit at all, I ain't drinking that shit no more."

He continued to offer insight as to what sparked the detox. "I just stopped smoking just do it, just to challenge my brain, and detox. Just try and do it, see what's to it. I never ever even imagined myself not smoking weed no more, since I smoked." Fear not though, because G Herbo will definitely get back to maryjane one day soon -- "I love weed, I'm gunna smoke weed again...My tolerance gunna be crazy now, I ain't gunna lie, I'ma be high as fuck."

As he fills his blunt paper with bid-up green, he details his smoking preferences. "I hate all indicas, I fuckin' hate Blue Dream," he reveals, before going absolutely in on the strain (it should be noted, from the sounds of it, he simply confused indica vs sativa effects): "Blue Dream is the worst fucking weed you could ever put on this earth. That shit is nasty, it make your head hurt. It might as well be Reggie. Blue Dream is the cousin of reg. Regular weed."

He continued to reveal his smoking habits, part of the reason why he challenged himself to quite -- he used to smoke a zip a day by himself. "I smoke a zip a day by myself, at least a 14. Early in the day, that 14 would be gone. A 14 probably like five, six blunts for me."

How do your smoking habits stack up in comparison to G Herbo? He's a beast, evidently. Stay tuned for Humble Beast to arrive at Midnight.

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