Twitter is going crazy after G Herbo's girlfriend Taina Williams started trending over the weekend. Apparently, Herbo was spotted at his ex Ari Fletcher's birthday bash in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Taina is home with their newborn child. Nosy fans also noticed that Taina was no longer following G Herbo on Instagram. 

There hasn't been any confirmation on if Taina and G Herbo are going through any issues, although Twitter connected the dots between Ari's party and the unfollowing to draw their own conclusions. 

"I ain't go lie, to be honest, I feel like, I really feel like opposites attract in a way," said Herbo of Taina when describing how much he cared for her. "I ain't never really—she just pure, through and through. You know what I'm sayin'? She not afraid to like, express her feelings, tell me how she feel about stuff. Even when it's like, I don't understand it all the time, she'll tell me something where I feel like she kinda like, dissin' me a little bit. But she really ain't, she tellin' me something that really build me."

Hopefully, everything is alright between the two, but Twitter seems to be going in on Herbo in the meantime.