G Perico isn't hiding his true intentions from Doja Cat.

This week, the West Coast rapper began courting his fellow Angeleno's attention, calling out to Doja Cat and wishing she catches wind of his message.

He seemingly really wants to start something with the 24-year-old, not disguising his plans for their first date.

"Ay, somebody tell Doja Cat if she wanna know where the big dick at, holla at me," said G Perico in a video. Just like I said, he's not holding back.

He followed that up by writing out a comment for her, adding: "@dojacat need to let me get behind that."

G Perico isn't the only person that wants something to do with Doja Cat. Ever since she came up, people have been shooting their shots left and right with the star but, given Doja's relationship status updates, most have been bricks. 

Chris Brown shared that energy earlier this year when he asked for Doja Cat to log onto Tory Lanez's Quarantine Radio... you know, before everything went down with Megan Thee Stallion.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

We'll keep our eyes on G Perico's pursuit of Doja Cat. If he's lucky, he might end up catching her attention for his wishes to come true.

Do you think he has a chance?