After serving seven years in prison, G-Unit affiliate Mike Knox has finally completed his bid. The Philadelphia rapper was originally arrested on charges of identity theft and bank fraud, and sentenced to a ninety-four-month prison stint. Now, Knox has wasted little time in celebrating his return to the free world, taking to Instagram to provide fans with a few status updates. "I am just taking it all in it feels good to be home after 7 years in the feds I am coming for everything I deserve," he writes, alongside a video of the long bus road home.

Knox also made sure to connect with his G-Unit associates, FaceTiming Tony Yayo and DJ Whoo Kid from the bus. "You lost like forty pounds in there!" marvels Yayo, prompting a laugh from Knox. "It's time to get back and turn up, you know what it is!" he replies, in high spirits. He proceeds to tease no shortage of music as he looks to hit the ground running on a creative level. 

Knox also makes sure to connect with 50 Cent, who sent the bus to pick him up in the first place. "You know I appreciate everything you did for me," he tells 50, who appears equally pleased to see the homie. "I'm ready to get busy, you know I gotta get in that studio!" "It's good," replies 50. "It's good, get it together." The pair proceed to plot on an eventual meeting, with Knox making it down his priority is, first and foremost, the music. On that note, we wish him the best of luck. Welcome home, Mike Knox!